About Us

Welcome to Sunny Mind Yoga! We are a professional yoga school based in Memphis, which sees its mission in helping the community members - our students - acquire strength and balance, maintain great sense of humor, wellness, physical health as well as find peace in their minds. Sounds useful in the contemporary world, doesn’t it?


Here, at Sunny Mind Yoga, we realize well how crucial it is to feel harmony and peace every day, no matter how harsh the surrounding circumstances are. Founded in 2011, our school has gained popularity with local residents and guests from abroad, who have the only common goal: to retain physical and psychological health to be able to withstand the situations they face and win the objectives they set.


Our goal is to connect with everyone, who has the desire to join our community of co-thinkers and let them know that each of them is valued. Our teachers are well-trained and dedicated to the core values of our school. They really wish to educate and inspire each student, helping them feel confident, relaxed, comfortable, happy and harmonious in any situation!


Does this sound like the right principle of the yoga community approach to you? If so, then we sincerely welcome each of you and look forward to working with you!

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